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Eastercon Slides and References


Eastercon Talk Slides (PDF)

References and Links

Model Checking Rational Agents

The rational model of agency is generally attributed to Rao and Georgeff.

  • Anand S. Rao and Michael P. Georgeff. Modeling Rational Agents within a BDI-Architecture. In James Allen, Richard Fikes, and Eric Sandewall, editors, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR-91), pages 473-484. Morgan Kaufmann, April 1991. Available from citeseer

The verification of rational agents as discussed in the talk is described in detail in

and more generally in

The software is part of the MCAPL Project on Sourceforge.

Verifying the Rules of the Air

Ethical Robots

Alan Winfield also discusses the implementation of ethical robots on his blog.

Verifying Convoys

The work on convoys is part of the Verifiable Autonomy project (a joint project between the Universities of Liverpool, Sheffield and the West of England) and is currently unpublished. It is primarily being conducted by Owen McAree and Sandor Veres at the University of Sheffield and Maryam Kamali at the University of Liverpool.

Trustworthy Robotic Assistants

Trustworthy Robotic Assistants is a joint project between the Universities of Bristol, Hertfordshire and Liverpool.

The work on the interaction between model-checking, simulation and testing is in Dejanira Araiza-Illan, Clare Dixon, Kerstin Eder, Michael Fisher, Matt Webster and David Western, An Assurance-based Approach to Verification and Validation of Human–Robot Teams which has been submitted to IROS 2015.

Lego Robots

The Lego robot demonstrations were based on an activity taken into schools.

The Lego Rovers website discusses the activity including instructions for downloading and installing the code from github.

The code actually used in the demonstrations can be found (undocumented) on the EV3 branch of the MCAPL project.