ICRA 2021 ViTac workshop Program

ViTac 2021: Trends and Challenges in Visuo-Tactile Perception

Time: 9am-6pm (GMT+00), Friday 4th June 2021

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The workshop will take place online (live) via Zoom.

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The participation to the workshop will be free of charge.

Recordings of the workshop will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, please subscribe to the channel to stay tuned! You can also check out the recordings of the ViTac 2020 workshop there.

All the following times are in GMT+00 Time. (Please double check the time as this may get confused with local summer time)

Session 1:Theme 1Tactile sensors for robot tasks
09:00 – 09:25Shan LuoOpening and Welcome
09:25 – 09:30Wiley Publisher (Sponsor)Introduction to the Advanced Intelligent Systems journal
09:30-10:20Aude Billard (Keynote)Tactile information for robust in-hand manipulation
10:20-10:50Harold SohLearning and Perception with Event-based Tactile Sensors
10:50-11:20Lorenzo JamoneMagnetic-based soft tactile sensors for robotic manipulation
11:20-11:40Break20-min break & poster session in gather.town
Session 2:Theme 2The control and design of robotic visuo-tactile systems
11:40-11:50Kaspar Althoefer
Session introduction
11:50-12:20Nathan Lepora
Soft biomimetic optical tactile sensing for robot dexterity
12:20-12:50Qiang LiIntelligent Tactile Robots: From Safe Interaction to Dexterous Manipulation
12:50-13:00Spotlight talks
(3 mins each)

1. S. Funabashi, G. Yang, F. Hongyi, A. Schmitz, L. Jamone, T. Ogata and S. Sugano. Visualization of Tactile Features for Object Recognition with a Multi-Fingered Hand (12:50-12:52)
2. S. Katyara, F. Ficuciello, T. Teng, F. Chen, B. Siciliano, D. G. Caldwell. Intuitive Tasks Planning Using Visuo-Tactile Perception for Human Robot Cooperation (12:53-12:55)
3. F. Palermo, C. Oh, K. Althoefer, S. Poslad, I. Farkhatdinov. Investigation of images of cracks via graph theory for developing an optimal exploration algorithm for a robotic manipulator (12:56-15:58)

13:00-13:50Break50-min break & poster session in gather.town
Session 3:Theme 3Visuo-tactile perception for robot manipulation
13:50-14:00Gordon ChengSession introduction
14:00-14:30Matei CiocarlieTowards dexterous manipulation with a tactile finger
14:30-15:20Edward Adelson (Keynote)The Future of Camera-based Tactile Sensing
15:20-15:30Spotlight talks
(3 mins each)
4. J. Jiang, G. Cao, D. F. Gomes and S. Luo. Rapid Crack Reconstruction using Tactile Sensing and Vision (15:20-15:22)
5. S. J. Redmond, B. Xia, and H. Khamis. Real-time Friction Estimation for Grip Force Control (15:23-15:25)
6. A. N. Chaudhury, T. Man, W. Yuan, and C. Atkeson. Using collocated vision to improve tactile sensing (15:26-15:28)
15:30-15:50Break20-min break & poster session in gather.town
Session 4:Theme 4Connecting vision and tactile sensing
15:50-16:00Wenzhen YuanSession introduction
16:00-16:30Roberto CalandraBuilding an Ecosystem for Research on Touch Sensing
16:30-17:20Roberta L. Klatzky (Keynote)Vision and Touch as Complementary Sensory Systems
Session 5:
17:20-17:50Group discussionBreakout rooms
(welcome to suggest topics)
17:50-18:00Wrap up

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