smARTLab is a component of the Agent ART group at the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool.  The lab is also affiliated with the Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (CAST) in the same university. smARTLab is a state-of-the-art robotics laboratory that includes two large experimentation facilities (approximately 60 square meters each), of which one has high ceilings (about 4 meters) for experimentation with UAVs (but also UGVs). The lab hosts £300k of specialist facilities including: a collaborative (UR5) robot arm, two state-of-the-art robot grippers, 10 Parrot Bebop 2 drones, 20 e-puck robots, 30 Turtlebot II robots, an octocopter, 10 nanocopters, one custom-built telepresence robot, three KUKA youBots, an Optitrack motion capturing system, and a fleet of small robots including Surveyor Blackfin, Scribbler, LEGO NXT and custom-built platforms based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino processors. The smARTLab team won the 2014 RoboCup@work and RoCKIn2015@work competitions. The laboratory will also be a key element of the University’s new Digital Innovation Facility. The lab includes computational facilities (3 8-core servers and 6 iMac clients) and two hardware workbenches. Feel free to step in and have a look.

The lab is headed by Dr. Shan LuoDr. Frans Oliehoek and Prof. Karl Tuyls.